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Student FAQ's

1. Internworld.in page not loading / I can’t go to the next page. What to do?

Please try opening Internworld.in in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also, try opening the page in an incognito mode. If the problem still persists, please take a screenshot of the page and mail it to us at contact@internworld.in.

2. I just registered. How do I verify my account?

Please check your inbox for an email from internworld.in. We have sent you a verification link in the email. Click the link to verify your account. If you're unable to find our email, please check your spam folder.

3. My Password is not being accepted. What should I do?

In this case, please click on 'Forgot Password' option and enter your registered email address. An email would be sent to your registered email address, containing your password details. In some instances, due to technical issues the email might go to the spam folders. Please check your spam folders in case you do not receive a support email from internworld.in.

4. How do I find internships of my choice?

Click here to see the list of all the internships available. Enhance your search by using the filter option according to your internship preferences (category, location, duration etc.) to find suitable internships of your interest. a. For desktop/laptop users - the filter option will be on the left side of the page. b.For mobile users – the filter option will be on the top of the page.

5. I found an internship, but how do I apply for it?

After you find an internship of your choice, click on 'View Details' to get details about the company and the internship. Go through the details thoroughly and apply for the internship if your profile matches the requirements of the company. Click on 'Apply Now' and follow the mentioned steps to submit your application.

6. It’s been a while that I applied for an internship. When will I get a response from the employer?

In general, employers take about 2-3 weeks to process the applications and get back to you. If an employer likes your application, he/she will contact you accordingly. Note: Internships are a competition; many students like you are applying for the same internship.Please ensure that you apply to multiple internships(relevant to your profile or requirement) to increase your chances of landing an internship project.

7. I have been shortlisted for an internship. What do I do next?

The 'shortlisted' application status means that the employer is interested in your application and may get in touch with you after a detailed review. You may have to wait for a couple of days for the employer to contact you with further details pertaining to the said internship. Note: In case you do not get feedback from the employer within a week of getting shortlisted, we suggest you to apply for other internships available on the portal to improve your chances of landing an internship project.

8. Selection status is not changed. What should be done?

In case you are selected for an internship but the status of your application is not changed to 'Hired', please contact and ask your employer to update it at their end on our portal. Else, forward us the offer letter provided by the employer and we will update your status to 'Hired'.

9. How do I get my Certificate of Merit from Internworld.in?

Internworld.in issues a ‘Certificate of Merit’ to students who have successfully completed the internship applied from our portal. The said certificate shall be issued once we receive confirmation from the ‘Employer’ about the completion of the internship. The certificate becomes available 7 days after the status is changed to 'Completed'. It can be downloaded from your Internworld.in dashboard.