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Internworld.in A World Class Internship Platform

Internworld.in is a world class platform that helps connect students with corporates in India for appropriate short term and medium term projects.

Internworld.in being a virtual platform leverages its strength and helps student from every corner of India including Tier II and Tier III cities connect with appropriate corporates who are looking for quality interns irrespective of the location.

Value Addition of Internworld.in

Gain Experience

Most projects/internship opportunities are short term or medium term in nature with an average duration of 3 weeks with a commitment of around 8 hours a week from the students to complete the project. Either showcase your talent and knowledge in the domain the student specializes or take up projects in diverse fields which would help in change of industry/ specialization.

Most internships/projects on Internworld.in have a stipend (payment that would be paid to the students by the corporates on successful completion of the project).

Earn while you learn


On successful completion of the project the student gets a completion certificate from the corporate where the student has taken up the internship and also a certificate of completion issued by Internworld.in thereby helping the student avail a dual certificate for the project completed, which also acts like a reference to potential employers that the student would apply for jobs with.

Internworld.in has diverse projects from various industries and specializations, thereby giving a good exposure and choice to the students, with project from companies in India. The overseas projects are virtual in nature, wherein the student needs to work from his own place and submit the appropriate project to the corporate for approval thereby giving an opportunity to interact and network with companies, professionals and other students from around the globe.

Industry Exposure

How To Get Started


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The registration process is simple and takes under a minute.
Browse from the appropriate internship opportunities and start building your profile to become more employable.

Select the internship opportunity

Apply for the internship opportunity that you are interested in.
The selected intimation would be communicated as soon as the corporate selection process is over.

Get started immediately

Get started immediately in case of virtual projects and connect with the corporate mentor using the cutting edge technology on the Internworld.in platform. In case of projects where the student has to work at the companies’ premise, a weekly report and progress is monitored by Internworld.in

Get recognition/ Certificate

In case of virtual projects, upload the project on the Internworld.in platform. On approval by the corporate mentor the certificate of completion is issued by Internworld.in and also by the corporate. This adds to the resume of the student and also helps act as a reference in case of employment check at the time to applying for a job.